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Message From The Founder Manager

In Pestalozzi's words, "Education is natural, harmonious and progressive development of man's innate powers". The education gives us the power to control and guides us in the right direction. Education creates good citizens and helps our children to prepare for a better future.


At LPS we believe that education civilizes man by inculcating moral values and principles. Children need standards and clear philosophy of life, which distinguishes evil from good, and helps them to develop sound ideas and better vision of living out their social lives. Self-development is no doubt the most valuable intellectual development that we can give to our students. However, the importance of knowledge, scientific & analytical skills, vocational training and physical development are by no means of less significance.


Interest of those being taught is vital if knowledge has to be imparted. Mental development is not possible without active participation of the students. At LPS we recognize that education needs to be kept alive, engrossing and should be prevented from becoming inert which is a major problem in modern education. Education should awaken young minds and introduce them to the various facets of knowledge, evoke their imagination and creativity, as well as give students freedom to explore new vistas. Rapid strides in technology and communications have made it possible to enliven education and we have incorporated all available aids to make studies exciting and stimulating.Education also has a social aim of making individuals responsible towards society and themselves.


Education is not just a bundle of books or curriculum but also interaction with the world around us. The education given in class rooms needs to be assisted by practical demonstrations and real life experiences. Attitude & ability of the teacher, aptitude of the students, the immediate environs of the school, the infrastructure and facilities available are important factors when it comes to education and all round development of the students. We always endeavor to provide the best amenities to the students and our faculty which without doubt is well qualified for their role.


The journey on the golden path of education, as we envisage it, is without an end and only has glittering milestones. Stagnation or destination is not possible on a path where the concern is the future of the world itself in the form of children and the times we live in dictate the direction of the journey.

Dr. S.P. Singh


"Leaders instill in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals."

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“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

The students who had unshakable determination exhibited their efficiency and excellence in every genre of life. With the declaration of the ISC and ICSE results our students proved that they are dauntless achievers who have shown delectable episodes of success with their immense potential and meticulous preparation. The achievements of the successful students were recognized in a grand ceremony where they were felicitated with certificates of honour and mementoes. Besides academics, students excelled themselves in a number of exciting events which took place all round the year. They bagged loads of prizes in a galore of events like Debate, Quiz, Extempore, Swimming, Cricket and Basketball. They clung on to victorious positions in the never exhausting list of competitions such as ASISC, All India Open Rating Chess Tournament, G.K. Quiz by Rotary Club, HDFC Life Sports Quiz, 9th International Cultural Fiesta for World Unity (Celesta), International Confluence and carved a niche for themselves.  

It is my firm belief that grooming a child's personality and enhancement of moral and human value is as important as academic education. For the fulfillment of these traits, students were encouraged to actively participate in Socially Useful and Productive Work. With the guidance of efficient teachers the students made various projects and models highlighting social issues. They also paid visits to orphanages and old homes.

In the end I would like to thank our Founder Manager Dr. S.P. Singh as all this would not have been possible without his enthusiastic and inspirational guidance. I would also like to thank our Managing Director, Mr. Sushil Kumar for his support. I further express my sincere thanks to my colleagues, staff, students and all the guardians with whose constant and unending cooperation we have once again tread along the untrodden realms with inestimable will power and enthralling vision. With the hope that the coming session would see us scaling new heights, I wish everyone success and happiness in your lives.


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Vice Principal



Mission & Purpose.

“Our mission is to empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential; by fostering a family environment where educational, social, cultural, ethical and emotional needs are addressed through a holistic program, offered with the partnership afforded by staff, students and the community at large, to provide world-class education.”.


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